About Us & History

We introduce special products to our customers which can be found only in our stores as İlgi Kuruyemiş Evi. And we offer these all of our high quality products throughout the year.

aboutbulletThe company was founded in Osmanbey in 1974 by Mustafa Er with the original name of “Er Kardeşler”.
bulletTwo stores of Er Kardeşler were opened in Nispetiye Street and Şişli in 1976 and 1991.
bulletIn 2000 the store in Nispetiye Street was closed down and the company name changed to “İlgi Kuruyemiş Evi” in 2002.
bulletThe two new stores were opened in Erenköy and Şaşkınbakkal in 2005 and 2009. With these two stores, our company offers various, high quality products to our customers.